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With our competitor analysis, you’ll have the upper-hand on your competition — resulting in more visibility to your business.

Through the use of paid tools, such as SEM Rush, we create a target keyword list and build each page of the site to focus on those specific keywords. We also give you a list of keywords to focus on (that aren’t too competitive), so you can start to scale your business.

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Let’s face it, we rely on Google to helps us find what we want. When we’re looking for a carpet cleaner, we search Google or Bing. Looking for the right vacation rental management company?

We Google it. This is where the power lies with Paid Search campaigns. We help business setup their Google & Bing Ad campaigns, as well as track which campaigns are generating the leads & sales.

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Coming up with a strategy and plan to get “targeted keyword” traffic to your website is the first part. The next part, is creating engaging, naturally, and free-flowing content to match those keywords. Look no further.

We offer creative writing, and content writing for your business. An essential tool to any SEO campaign.

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Creating a profitable PPC campaign takes work. It’s competitive, and it can be frustrating. We have decades of experience, along with the proven tools to bring you success.

Matrix Media uses the latest technology and tracking tools to help you see where the leads or sales are coming from. Our experience and expert analysis will have you ahead of the game.

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Creating buzz on Social Media, and engaging with your audience is essential to many businesses (some more so than others). Through the use of paid advertising, fan page engagement, and retargeting ads — there’s huge growth potential for your business.

Find out our approach, and what services we provide for those looking to share their services through social media.

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