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Research, Quality Content, & Good Meta Data.

The key to any successful SEO plan

How do I rank #1 on Google for your keywords, you ask? It’s the million dollar question. The competition gets stronger every day. However, it’s never too late.

Google recognizes text & metadata first and foremost. Without a proper Keyword Strategy, you’re losing out on major potential profits.

There’s no overnight approach to Search Engine Optimization. It starts with building a solid keyword foundation throughout your site.

Building a favorable keyword strategy starts with research. Then we optimize all of your meta data on the pages of your site to match these focus keywords.

First, we focus on “long-tail” keywords. This helps your odds of ranking up on Google for those terms. Over time getting traffic from shorter, higher-volume keywords.

First, do the research

We begin by researching your competition. Researching which keywords work for them. This provides us a foundation on which to build your site around.

Meta Data & Content, putting it together.

After finding the strategy, we build the content & message. We include your target keywords “naturally” using the elements Google looks for.

When Google tries to index your website, they look for many different metadata items. This includes the Headlines, internal text & hyperlinks, image alt tags, URLs, meta descriptions, just to name a few.

The good thing is, most websites aren’t properly optimizing the page content to match all of these factors. Not to mention, their content quality is poor.

Focusing on “Long-Tail” Keywords.

Instead of trying to rank “golf shoes” we might target “top rated golf shoes” or “most comfortable golf shoes.” These keywords still have volume, but with good on-page optimization, we can start to rank these up.

Over time, Google will begin to rank you up on the shorter keywords. It’s important to start with quality content and a plan.

Quality content, lower bounce rates.

Quality content & Content Optimization will impact your bounce rate. If we don’t address this, our time & effort is merely wasted.

The key is to have the content be natural. Many businesses have cheap content writers or even generators that create fake content. Google already recognizes this, simply through analyzing these “bounce rates.”

When we have a high bounce rate (which we don’t want), it’s an indicator to the search engines that the website isn’t providing value, or is irrelevant.

This can kill your search rank and SEO efforts.

Analyzing the results

With Google Analytics, we’re able to track your goals. We have access to tools to track which keywords generated phone calls or newsletter signups, etc.

Take your business & Search Engine Optimization strategy to the next level with Keyword Research.

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