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What is SEO, exactly?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the process for increasing your search rank on keywords through Google, Bing, & other search engines. Many of these search terms may be local, such as “San Diego realtors”, or even something as general as “cooking pans.” Whatever the business, there’s unlimited growth potential. Having the right strategy will help you achieve your online goals — that’s where we step in.

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Keyword Research & Strategy

Doing competitor research, and getting the proper insight will allow you to build a keyword list that will see more immediate results. We use tools such as SEMRush to unlock and come up with a keyword plan for your business. This success strategy over time will help you grow your online audience & increase revenue. No matter what anyone tells you, there’s no “instant results” when it comes to SEO.

Long-tail Keywords

Often times people launch a website, invest countless hours targeting keywords that are impossible to rank. With the “long-tail keyword” approach, you’re targeting less competitive keywords that are easier to rank. In combination with Content Optimization, visitors are going to “bounce” or leave your site less often. Google in turn will reward you, and over time you’ll begin to rank those keywords.

This strategy will help you target the higher volume keywords that contain those keywords. For example, you may be targeting “Los Angeles holistic doctors”, and over time you may start ranking higher up on “holistic doctors” which is a much higher impressions keyword.

Quality Backlinks

Building a sitemap so Google & Bing search engines can better index your content is another key factor. Our team of content specialists work with you to build systems that automatically update the major search engines when new content is published on your site — pretty cool, huh? We build WordPress & Drupal (CMS) websites make it easy for you to do just that.

XML Sitemaps

You may have heard of the term “backlinks” before. This is simple a link to your website, or a page on your website from an external website. It could be on Facebook or on Social Media, it could be on other relevant websites that want to share your link as a resource.

However, not all backlinks are the same. Some backlinks can actually harm (or have a negative impact on your search rank). Eliminating these poor backlinks, and building quality backlinks is our focus.

Meta Data Keyword Optimization

We take your “target keywords” & optimize the meta data on your webpages. This includes all of the major factors, such as H1 tags, alt tags of images, meta names, titles, descriptions, and internal links.

Our skilled team has the capacity & expertise to do execute this. Leaving you a step-ahead of your competition, and getting rewarded by Google at the same time.

Recent SEO Projects:

Nature’s Rite

Nature’s Rite’s vision is to provide all-natural products for those struggling with many common symptoms (from sleep apnea to sinus symptoms). We worked with our client to build a website that’s easy to manage. Providing content to first educate the ...

Vacay Camp

VacayCamp works with local property owners to manage their vacation rental listings. Providing full-service Airbnb listing, and cleaning services for clients. We partnered to help expand their business, and grow their client base.

HoSo Group

HOSO Group provides Hospitality Management services for hotel owners & franchises throughout the United States. Their vision is to expand the level of service for their clients (franchise owners), and building a foundation of quality service for their guests one room...

The Wine Store

If you love wine, you’ll love this. We worked with The Wine Store located in Naples, FL. Our objective was to create an eye-catching design to draw in the visitors. This website was built with WordPress, making it easy for their staff to add events for the ...

Ellis Hospitality

We focused on building a brand & identity for Ellis Hospitality. After several decades of running and operating hotels, the company has emerged as a hospitality management company. Ellis is currently managing several hotel properties & quickly expanding.

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