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Open-Source Platforms

Many to pick from, which is really the best?

We work with all major open-source E-Commerce platforms. Whether you have an existing e-commerce site, or you want to migrate to a different solution, we can help. Each platform has different capabilities, and we help you match the best online store for you. If you have an outdated e-commerce platform, there may be many risk factors, along with a decrease in search rank for your website or domain. Many outdated e-commerce platforms have poor customer service, don’t integrate well with other systems, and are not mobile-friendly or SEO friendly.

We offer agency-level Responsive Design so your visitors are able to view your content & products with ease. These improvements will help you build a higher search rank, which would impact your visibility through organic search. So, what’s the best platform you might ask?

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Woocommerce, Magento, & Shopify, Oh My!

The most popular & easiest to manage e-commerce platform nowadays is Woocommerce. Magento is very popular as well, but can be too cumbersome for many businesses. It offers a built-in email newsletter platform; allowing you to customize and send emails to your existing customers, or newsletter subscribers all within one system. There are many more features, but for a simpler e-commerce site, we recommend Woocoomerce. Shopify is also a great alternative, but it lacks the customization (because it’s not a self-hosted platform).

Another advantage to Woocommerce is it’s built with WordPress. You can easily add manage a blog, update content on the pages, and add more information about your services.

Having an e-commerce system that is frequently updated is important for security, but also for performance. We recommend Woocommerce, Magento, and Shopify to fit those needs.

Each have their pro’s and con’s, and we’d be happy to discuss.

Recent E-Commerce Projects:

Nature’s Rite

Nature’s Rite’s vision is to provide all-natural products for those struggling with many common symptoms (from sleep apnea to sinus symptoms). We worked with our client to build a website that’s easy to manage. Providing content to first educate the ...

Vacay Camp

VacayCamp works with local property owners to manage their vacation rental listings. Providing full-service Airbnb listing, and cleaning services for clients. We partnered to help expand their business, and grow their client base.

The Wine Store

If you love wine, you’ll love this. We worked with The Wine Store located in Naples, FL. Our objective was to create an eye-catching design to draw in the visitors. This website was built with WordPress, making it easy for their staff to add events for the ...

HoSo Group

HOSO Group provides Hospitality Management services for hotel owners & franchises throughout the United States. Their vision is to expand the level of service for their clients (franchise owners), and building a foundation of quality service for their guests one room...

Ellis Hospitality

We focused on building a brand & identity for Ellis Hospitality. After several decades of running and operating hotels, the company has emerged as a hospitality management company. Ellis is currently managing several hotel properties & quickly expanding.

FD Merchant

FD Merchant was seeking to build a web experience to educate new prospects about their payment credit card services. At FD Merchant they provide payment processing solutions for all types of businesses, primarily in the hotel & hospitality space.

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